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Fersiwn Gymraeg isod - Welsh version follows                                                                                                                                What exactly is Coaching? 

“Coaching is a one-on-one development process formally contracted between a professional coach and a management-level client to increase the client’s managerial and/or leadership performance.”  

Robert J. Lee syllabus for “Change At the Executive Level” Fall, 2002 Syllabus, Milano Graduate School, New School University.                                                                

Improving 'Performance'

Interestingly, Coca-Cola and Polaroid have made coaching central to their executive development process. Athletes and those involved in the highly competative world of professional sport have had coaches from time immemorial in order to improve their performance. Wales's very own Colin Jackson's athletic coach was Malcolm Arnold  who helped him get to world champion level. 


Who can it help?

Anyone who wants to improve their performance in either their personal or professional life. You may have recently been made redundant or are seriously considering a big life change. Perhaps you have an important interview where you want to make a good impression or you need a little extre help to do a best-man speech in a wedding. Whatever the reason, an effective coach can help to bring about the very best outcome and be a non-partial but highly motivating partner in this process.    


My qualifications and relevant experience

I  trained as a teacher at the then Polytechnic of Wales (now University of Glamorgan) Barry specialising in Advanced Main Drama and Main Welsh subjects,  I have two TEFL Certificates and taught English as a Foreign Language in Belgium at the European Commission and in businesses and banks in Belgium and Holland for three years. I was also a supply teacher for over fifteen years working in both Welsh and English medium schools in Primary and Secondary schools in Mid and South Glamorgan as well as Gwent.

M.Sc. Econ.  - University of Wales                                                                       
I completed a Masters degree in Social Science at Cardiff University in 1996 specialising in Women’s Studies. For my dissertation, I conducted some in-depth research on women working in a predominantly male environment, that of stand-up comedy, and have a special interest in the power of humour and the way in which it is used to undermine women and ethnic minorities.                                                                                                                                  Campaign Manager
I was Campaign Manager Wales for Opportunity 2000 (1998 – 1999) and managed and devised mentoring and networking projects to develop senior women’s skills and potential at management level with South Wales Police, Rhondda Cynon Taff Education Authority, the BBC and the Welsh Office.

I also gave advice on Equality to members of the Campaign. e.g. HSBC, BBC, Patent Office, Barclays Bank, The Post Office. At that time I worked very closely with Jane Hutt ( AM) Helen Mary Jones ( AM) and Ruth Marks (Commissioner for Older People)

Equal Opportunities, Business and Personal Development
Since completing my degree, I have worked in the field of Equal Opportunities, Business and Personal Development, as well as pursuing my career as an actress and writer. I regularly broadcast on Equality issues both in English and Welsh and have appeared on ‘Woman’s Hour’ (Radio 4) and ‘Esther’s Programme’ (BBC 1) as well as numerous programmes in the medium of Welsh. I was the Welsh Spokesperson for ‘Womankind Worldwide’ (White Ribbon Day) on several occasions.                                                                          

Television Coaching                                                                                            Since January 2009 I have been invited on a regular basis to appear on 'Wedi Tri' (S4C daily television programme) and give advice as a Business and Life Coach on issues such as goal-setting, anger-management, assertiveness, work-life balance issues, preparing for interviews etc.                                                   

I also appeared on the main BBC Welsh news programme, 'Newyddion' (April 2010) to talk about the first Clegg,Cameron and Brown debate and have worked with politicians on how to improve their public performances.

                              Consultancy Work with the WDA
I worked as a Freelance Equality Consultant for the WDA (integrated into the Welsh Assembly in 2007) for nine years (1999 - 2008) and worked on a Project supported financially by the European Union to develop Equal Opportunities from the perspective of gender, race, age and disability in the workplace in small medium sized enterprises (SME’s) throughout South Wales.

What sort of work did I do with the WDA?
This work involved analysing equality needs, informing on legislation, researching and developing policies on equality issues including Equal Opportunities, Discipline and Grievance, Bullying and Harassment, Training, Absence, and Work /Life Balance as well as developing business and personal potential in parallel.

Working at Chief Executive Level - A Tailor Made Approach
Throughout this work I worked with Chief Executives to develop and fulfill their personal and business potential. Since early 2008 I have been trained in a very successful professional coaching programme (New Insights) which, combined with the skills I developed as a business advisor and throughout my working life, helps me to devise specific programmes to fit the individual needs of clients from all walks of life who want to get the most out of their specific talents, skills and aspirations.

Some Companies I have worked with:

'Beacon Foods', Brecon - Industrial Food Preparation.

'Cyfle' - Cardiff and Caernarfon -  Television Training.

'Neath Care', Neath and Port Talbot - Care in the Community Workers.

'Rough Collie Motion Design', Cardiff - Television Graffics.

'Monroe's Beauty Salon', Blackwood - Health and Beauty.

'Canna Surgery', Cardiff -  Community Health Centre.

'Trosol', Newcastle Emlyn and Cardiff - Translation Agency.

'GTfm', Pontypridd - Local Community Radio.

'Galeri', Cardiff - Classical Singers Agency.

'Loaf Catering Ltd', Cardiff - Catering Company.

'Face to Face Cymru', Cardiff - Care in the Community for Adolescents.

'Protherics', Newcastle Emlyn - Production of Snake Venom Antidote.

                                               Public Speaking

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Never underestimate the power of being totally confident in presenting yourself well in a public scenario, whether that is on the television, radio, at a conference, in an important interview or at a networking meeting.                                                      

Up until the very first television debate for the 2010's election, it was very much a fight between the two traditional Labour and Conservative Parties. Clegg's animated and lively 'performance' watched by nearly ten million people was able to draw people's attention to the Liberal Democrat's presence and make the other two leaders quake in their boots for a short time.  

I am a highly active member of Toastmasters International,

the professional  speakers organisation and have won many awards for my speeches at the Voice of Wales branch which meets every two weeks at Usk. 


Having been a professional broadcaster and performer since 1980, I have extensive experience of speaking and performing in public - something that the vast majority of people are terrified of!  I am regularly asked to do 'after-dinner speaking' engagements and every 'Dynamo' engagement involves standing up in front of a totally new and unknown audience of an unknown quantity.                       

Because of my acting background, I am also very, very aware of non-verbal communication, how much it gives away about a person and how to use it to make that first impression a very positive and lasting one. Barack Obama is someone who has really learnt this to a great political advantage.


I am regulary asked to adjudicate in recitation and public speaking competitions in the 'Urdd Eisteddfod' at County levels. The 'Urdd Eisteddfod' was a regular training ground for some of Wales' most famous entertainers, notably Bryn Terfel, Ioan Gruffydd, Cerys Mathews,  Mathew Rhys, Daniel Evans etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Here are some interesting facts about Public Speaking:                                                                                                                                                                              FACT ONE                                                                                                                  Some surveys and research results show that most people would rather die than talk in front of a live audience. This is a global fears top ten:
1. Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia)
2. Fear of death (Necrophobia)
3. Fear of spiders (Arachnophobia)
4. Fear of darkness (Achluophobia, Scotophobia or Myctophobia)
5. Fear of heights (Acrophobia)
6. Fear of people or social situations (Sociophobia)
7. Fear of flying (Aerophobia)
8. Fear of open spaces(Agoraphobia)
9. Fear of thunder and lightning(Brontophobia)
10. Fear of confined spaces(Claustrophobia)                                                                                                                                                                 

It says a lot that fear of Public Speaking even frightens people more  than the fear of death! 


Fear of public speaking has negative effects on careers and influences success in life negatively when you do nothing about it.     

Three out of every four individuals suffer from speech anxiety: that's 75 percent.  

Up to 5 percent of the world population, yes, hundreds of millions aged between 18 and 54, experience this kind of social phobia in any given year.

More men than women seek treatment to cure fear of public speaking.                                 


I love speaking in public and can help you to make the experience much more enjoyable and successful.        


What can I do for you as a Business or Life Coach?

·       Develop individuals to their full potential through a personalised and structured coaching programme whether that is in a business or a more relaxed environment and atmosphere.

  • Deliver comprehensive courses on Public Speaking including Presentation Skills, microphone technique, helping to spice-up reports and re-write presentations if needs be and make the whole process a lot more FUN and less of an ordeal.                                                              
  • Additonal competencies

         Management Support Work
    Chairing meetings
    Recruitment and Retention Training

         Bullying and Harrassment Training
    Assertiveness Courses
    Anger Management 
    Exit interviews

         Role Play
                                        07855 038 725

    I am always willing to discuss any other training issues should they be required and can work with individuals or groups on a one off session or longer courses.

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                                 Gwenno Dafydd M.Sc.Econ.                             

                                             Hyfforddwraig Busnes a Bywyd

    Yn canolbwyntio ar greu:

    'Cyflwyniadau Cyhoeddus Cadarnhaol'

    Gweler 'Home Page' am grynodeb

    Beth yn union ydi 'Hyfforddi' (Coaching)? 

    “Hyfforddiant yw proses ddatblygu ffurfiol cytundebol un wrth un, rhwng hyfforddwr proffesiynol a chlient ar lefel reolaeth i ddatblygu perfformiad rheolaeth a /neu arweiniad".                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Allan o  sylabys Robert J. Lee “Change At the Executive Level” Fall, 2002 Syllabus, Milano Graduate School, New School University.


    Gwella 'perfformiad'                                                                                   

    Mae'n ddiddorol i nodi fod Coca-Cola a Polaroid wedi gwneud 'coaching' yn ganolog yn y broses o ddatblygu eu gweithredwyr. Mae athletwyr a'r rhai sydd yn ymwneud a'r byd chwaraeon hynod gystadleuol, wedi cael 'coaches' ers cyn cof i wella eu perfformiad. Malcolm Arnold oedd 'coach' ein hathletwr ni, Colin Jackson a fe a roddodd y cymorth iddo i allu cystadlu a pherfformio ar lwyfan pencampwyr y byd.          

    Pwy fydde'n elwa o gael eu 'hyfforddi'?

    Unrhywun dydd eisiau gwella eu perfformiad yn unai yn eu bywyd busnes neu personaol. Efallai eich bod wedi colli eich gwaith yn ddiweddar neu yn cysidro newid mawr yn eich bywyd. Falle bod gennych gyfweliad pwysig yn digwydd cyn bo hir neu angen tamed bach o gymorth i wneud anerchiad gwas priodas mewn priodas bwysig.


    Beth bynnag yw'r rheswm, gall hyfforddwriag effeithiol eich cynorthwyo i gael y canlyniad mwyaf effeithiol a bod yn berson ddi-duedd sydd hefyd yn gallu bod yn bartner sydd yn gallu eich cyflyru i  gael y canlyniad orau posib yn y broses yma.


    Fy nghymwysterau a fy mhrofiad yn y maes

    Cefais fy hyfforddi fel athrawes ym Mholitechneg Cymru, (Bryd hynny, Prifysgol Morgannwg bellach) Y Barri, Prif Gwrs Uwch - Drama, Cwrs Uwch - Cymraeg.


    Mae gennyf ddau dystysgrif TEFL a bu’m yn dysgu Saesneg fel iaith estron yng Ngwlad Belg yn y Gymuned Ewropeaidd ac mewn busnesau a banciau yng Ngwlad Belg a’r Iseldireodd am dair mlynedd. Bum hefyd yn athrawes gyflenwi am dros bymtheg mlynedd gan weithio mewn ysgolion Cynradd ac Uwchradd yn Ne a Chanol Morgannwg a Gwent.                                                                              

    Gradd M.Sc. Econ. (Prifysgol Cymru - Caerdydd)                                         Fe gwblhais radd Masters mewn Astudiaethau Cymdeithasol ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd yn 1996 gan ganolbwyntio ar Astudiaethau Merched. Ar gyfer fy nhraethawd hir fe wnes ddarn o waith ymchwil dwys ar ferched sy’n gweithio mewn gwaith sy’n cael ei gysidro’n waith dynion (Comedi 'Dal-dy-Dir' - stand-up comedy) ac mae gennyf ddiddordeb brwd ym mhwer a'r defnydd o hiwmor i danseilio merched a lleiafrifoedd ethnig.                                                                                                                      Rheolydd Ymgyrch Cymru                                                                                   Bu'm yn 'Reolydd Ymgyrch Cyfle 2000' drwy Gymru (1998-1999) ac yn rheoli a dyfeisio cynlluniau mentora a rhwydweithio i ddatblygu doniau merched ar lefel uchel yn y gweithle gyda Heddlu De Cymru, Awdurdod Addysg Rhondda Cynon Taf, y BBC a'r Swyddfa Gymreig.                                                                           

    R'oeddwn hefyd yn cynghori aelodau o'r Ymgyrch ynglun a chydraddoldeb e.e. HSBC, BBC, Y Swyddfa Batent, Banc Barclays, Y Swyddfa Bost, Hyder. ayb. Yn ystod y cyfnod yma r'oeddwn yn gweithio yn agos iawn gyda Jane Hutt (AC) Helen Mary Jones (AC) a Ruth Marks (Commisiynydd yr Henoed)                            

    Ymgynghorydd Cyfle Cyfartal  a Datblygiad Busnes a Phersonol           Ers hynna r'wyf wedi bod yn gweithio ym maes Cyfle Cyfartal a Datblygiad Busnes a Phersonol yn ogystal a pharhau gyda fy ngyrfa yn perfformio ac ysgrifennu. R'wy'n darlledu'n rheolaidd ar faterion cydraddoldeb ac yn cyfrannu'n aml i raglenni teledu a radio megis 'Du a Gwyn' (HTV) a 'Dau o'r Bae' (Radio Cymru) Fues i'n siaradwraig Gymreig ar ran 'Womankind Worldwide' am sawl blwyddyn.   


    Hyfforddiant Busnes a Bywyd ar y teledu
    Ers Ionawr 2009 r'wyf wedi cael fy ngwahodd i ymddangos yn rheolaidd ar Wedi Tri (S4C) i roi cyngor ar faterion hyfforddiant busnes a bywyd, e.e. sefydlu targedau, cyd-bwyso bywyd a gwaith, rheoli tymer, pendantrwydd, paratoi ar gyfer cyfweliad ayb.                                                                                                                                           

    Cefais fy ngwahodd i ymddangos ar brif raglen Newyddion y BBC (Ebrill 2010) i siarad am gyflwyniadau teledu cyntaf Clegg, Cameron a Brown ac r'wyf hefyd wedi gweithio gyda gwleidyddion i wella eu hymddangosiadau cyhoeddus.

                       Fy ngwaith fel Ymgynghorydd Cydraddoldeb gyda'r WDA                                

    Bu'm yn Ymgynghorydd Rhyddgyfranol ar Gydraddoldeb i'r WDA (gafodd ei ymgorffori yn y Cynulliad Cymreig yn 2007) am naw mlynedd (1999 - 2008) ac yn gweithio ar gynllun, wedi ei noddi gan yr Undeb Ewropeaidd, i ddatblygu Cyfle Cyfartal o safbwynt gender, hil, oedran ac anabledd yn y gweithle mewn cwmniau bach a chanolig eu maint (SME’s) ar draws De Cymru.  

    Pa fath o waith oeddwn i’n ei wneud i’r WDA?                                                                               R'oedd y gwaith yma yn cynnwys asesu anghenion cydraddoldeb, hysbysu am ddeddfwriaeth, ymchwilio a datblygu polisiau ar bynciau cydraddoldeb megis Cyfle Cyfartal, Disgyblaeth a Chwynion, Tarfu a Bwlio, Hyfforddiant, Absenoldeb a Chydbwysedd Bywyd / Gwaith, tra'n datblygu busnesau a phersonel ar yr un pryd.

     Lefel Prif-Weithredwyr- Hyfforddiant wedi ei deilwra i'r unigolyn                      Trwy gydol y gwaith yma r'oeddwn yn gweithio i ddatblygu Prif Weithredwyr i wireddu eu potensial a datblygu eu busnesau. Ers dechrau 2008 r'wyf wedi bod yn cael fy hyfforddi mewn cynllun hyfforddiant proffesiynol ( New Insights) a, gyda'r holl sgiliau r'wyf wedi eu datblygu nid yn unig drwy fy ngwaith fel ymgynghorydd busnes ond hefyd drwy gydol fy mywyd gwaith, fe fydd y cynllyn yma yn fy ngalluogi fi i ffitio anghenion unigol clientiaid o bob cwr o fywyd i ddarganfod a datblygu eu doniau, eu dyheuadau a'u breuddwydion unigol.

    Rhai o'r cwmniau fues i'n gweithio gyda hwy:                                                 'Beacon Foods', Aberhonddu - Paratoi bwydydd ar gyfer archfarchnadoedd.

    'Cyfle' - Caerdydd a Chaernarfon -  Hyfforddiant Teledu.

    'Neath Care', Castell nedd a Port Talbot - Gweithwyr Gofal yn y Gymuned.

    'Rough Collie Motion Design', Caerdydd - Graffics Teledu

    'Monroe's Beauty Salon',  Coed- Duon - Iechyd a Harddwch.

    'Meddygfa Canna Surgery', Caerdydd -  Canolfan Iechyd Gymunedol

    'Trosol', Newcastle Emlyn a Caerdydd - Asiantaeth Cyfieithu

    'GTfm', Pontypridd - Radio'r Gymuned Leol.

    'Galeri', Caerdydd - Asiantaeth Cantorion Clasurol.

    'Loaf Catering Ltd', Caerdydd - Cwmni Arlwyo.

    'Face to Face Cymru', Caerdydd - Gofal yn y Gymuned i Arddegwyr.

    'Protherics', Castell Newydd Emlyn - Cynhyrchu gwrth wenwyn nadroedd.

    Siarad yn gyhoeddus                                                                                               Un cyfle yn unig sydd gennych i wneud argraff gyntaf!                                  Peidiwch byth di-ystyrru y pwer o fod yn hollol hyderys tra'n siarad yn gyhoeddus (Mae perfformiad Dr. Eurfyl ap Gwynedd gyda Paxman yn dod yn syth i'r cof!!!), boed hynna ar y teledu, ar y radio, tra'n traddodi papur mewn cynhadledd, mewn cyfweliad pwysig neu mewn cyfarfod rhwydweithio.  

    Tan y drafodaeth deledu gyntaf yn etholiad 2010, brwydr oedd hi i fod rhwng y ddwy blaid draddodiadol sef  y Blaid Lafur a'r Toriaid. R'oedd 'perfformiad' Clegg fel chwa o awyr iach, yn difyru a bywiogi y deg miliwn oedd yn gwylio a thrwy hyn fe lwyddodd, mewn ffordd hynod o ddramatig, i dynnu sylw pobol at bresenoldeb y Rhyddfrydwyr ac ar yr un pryd siglo hyder Cameron a Brown. 

    R'wyf yn aelod brwdfrydig o Toastmasters Rhyngwladol

    sef y gymdeithas hyfforddiant siarad cyhoeddus ac r'wyf wedi ennill sawl gwobr am fy areithiau yng nghangen 'Llasi Cymru' sydd yn cyfarfod yn Brynbuga am yn ail wythnos.

    Gan fy mod wedi bod yn berfformwraig broffesiynol ers 1980, mae gennyf bethwmbreth o brofiad o siarad a pherfformio yn gyhoeddus, rhywbeth mae rhan fwyaf o bobl yn ofni'n ddirfawr! Dwi'n cael fy ngwahodd yn rheoliadd i 'siarad ar ol swper' ac mae pob ymrwymiad 'Dynamo' yn golygu sefyll i fynu o flaen cynilleidfa hollol newydd all fod o pa bynnag rhif bob tro.

    Fel actores, r'wyf hefyd yn hynod o ymwybodol o gysylltiadau anghorfforol (Non-verbal communication) faint o wybodaeth mae yn gallu ei gyfleu yn ddi-arwybod i bobl a sut i'w ddefnyddio i wneud y cysylltiad cyntaf yna yn un positive ac un sy'n para yn y cof. Mae Barac Obama yn rhywun sydd wedi gallu meithrin y pwer yma yn ddi-au yn ei fywyd gwleidyddol.

    R'wyf yn cael fy ngwahodd yn rheolaidd i feirniadu yn Eisteddfod yr Urdd ar y cystadleuathau adrodd ac ymgom ar lefel Sir. R'oedd Eisteddfod yr Urdd yn fagwreth a safle hyfforddiant  i rai o gantorion ac actorion enwoca'r genedl megis Bryn Terfel, Ioan Gruffydd, Cerys Mathews, Mathew Rhys, Daniel Evans ayb.

    Dyma rai ffeithiau diddorol ynglun a Siarad yn Gyhoeddus:                     

    Mae canlyniadau rhai darnau o ymchwil  yn dangos y bydde well gan bobl farw na siarad yn gyhoeddus o flaen cynilleidfa fyw.  Dyma deg o ofnau uchaf ar hyd y byd:  

    1. Ofn Siarad yn Gyhoeddus (Glossoffobia)
    2. Ofn marwolaeth (Necroffobia)
    3. Ofn corrynod (Arachnoffobia)
    4. Ofn tywyllwch (Achluoffobia, Scotoffobia neu Myctoffobia)
    5. Ofn uchder (Acroffobia)
    6. Ofn pobol neu sefyllfaoedd cymdeithasol (Sosioffobia)
    7. Ofn hedfan (Aeroffobia)
    8. Ofn llefydd agored  (Agoraffobia)
    9. Ofn mellt a tharannau (Brontoffobia)
    10. Ofn llefydd cyfyng (Claustroffobia)          

    Mae hynna'n ddweud mawr os ydi pobl yn poeni mwy am siarad yn gyhoeddus  na poeni am farwolaeth!    

    Mae ofn siarad yn gyhoeddus yn cael effaith negyddol iawn ar yrfaoedd ac mae'n dylanwadu ar lwyddiant bywyd pan nad oes dim byd yn cael ei wneud amdano.

    Mae tri allan o bedwar person yn dioddef gyda rhyw fath o boen meddwl am y ffordd mae nhw yn siarad, mae hynna yn 75%.

    Mae gan hyd at 5% o holl boblogaeth y byd, ie miloedd ar filoedd o bobl rhwng 18 a 54 yn dioddef o'r math yma o ffobia mewn unrhyw flwyddyn.

    Mae merched a dynion yn cael eu heffeithio yn yr un ffordd. Er mae ffigyrau ofn siarad yn gyhoeddus sydd yn dangos fod mwy o ferched na dynion yn dioddef a broblemau poeni sydd yn gysylltiedig a siarad. 

    Mae mwy o ddynion na merched yn edrych am rywun i roi triniaeth iddyn nhw na merched i wella eu hofn o siarad yn gyhoeddus.

    FFAITH SAITH                                                                                                            Dwi'n dwli ar siarad yn gyhoeddus ac fe allai eich helpu i wneud y profiad yn un llawer mwy hwyliog a chadarnhaol.                                                                       

    Beth allai wneud i chi fel Hyfforddwr Busnes a Bywyd? 
    Datblygu unigolion i'w llawn botensial drwy rhaglen hyfforddiant unigol strwythiedig boed hwnna o fewn y byd busnes neu mewn awyrgylch fwy ymlaciedig.
    2) Darparu cyrsiau trwyadl ar sut i siarad yn gyhoeddus gan gynnwys sgiliau cylwyno, techneg meicroffon, gwneud cynnwys adroddiadau yn fwy diddorol a'u hail-ysgrifennu os oes angen. 

    Adnoddau ychwanegol i'ch cwmni                                                                     Gwaith Cefnogi Rheolaeth
    Cadeiryddu cyfarfodydd
    Hwyluso a rhedeg cyfarfodydd (Facilitation)
    Hyfforddiant Ricriwtio                                                                                      
    Hyfforddiant Bwlio a Tharfu                                                                                  
    Cyrsiau Ymddygiad Pendantrwydd (Assertiveness)
    Cyrsiau Rheoli Tymer 
    Cyfweliadau Gadael
    Gwaith chwarae mewn rol                                07855 038 725

    R'wyf wastad yn barod i drafod unrhyw ddymuniadau ychwanegol i'r rhestr uchod sydd gydag darpar gleintiaid ac yn hapus i weithio gyda grwpiau neu unigolion am un sesiwn yn unig neu cyfres o gyrsiau.

    Diweddarwyd y dudalen yma ar  Y Cyntaf o Fehefin 2011   © Gwenno Dafydd