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Advice to aspiring writers - start young!                                                       My first writing success came when I won the National Urdd Eisteddfod of Wales (Cardiff) short story writing competition for under 8 year olds in 1965!!!!!

Theatre in Education                                                                                              My first professional writing was for Theatre in Education (TIE)  productions in the mid-eighties when I used my skills, which I had developed in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Belgium and Holland, to develop and write pioneering theatre productions using theatre to develop Welsh as a Second Language.

I also directed and performed in numerous productions for children as well as writing bilingual Press Releases in 'Theatre in Education' productions for Theatre Coracle (Pembrokeshire - Three Seasons) Theatre Gwent (Abergavenny - The very first Welsh medium project. One Season) Theatre Iolo Morgannwg - The very first Welsh medium project. One Season) 

Press Officer and Researcher at the BBC                                                      Whenever I was not working in Theatre in Education, I often had work at the BBC as a Press Officer or Researcher on a huge variety of radio programmes for Radio Cymru. I regularly wrote Press Releases and articles about BBC programmes which would appear in the Radio Times and SBEC (S4C's  weekly magazine)   

Children                                                                                                                              During April 2010 I worked with singer Heather Jones on a song-writing project with gypsy-traveller children in Aberteleri. Through discussion with the children we  created songs linking into their lives and experiences and also went to 'Stowe Gypsy Fair' in Stow on the Wold with the children where one of the songs was performed.

I have had twelve pieces of children's poetry published in the 'Llyfrau Lloerig (Bonkers Books) (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch) series, including one poem about Jemima Nicholas, the Welsh heroine from Fishguard. This poem will soon be exhibited alongside the famous Fishguard Tapestry in Fishguard Town Hall as soon as I have time to write an English version! 

A Children's Christmas BBC Radio Musical                                                            I am the author of 'Santa ar Streic?' (Santa on Strike?) BBC Radio Cymru's 2006 Christmas Musical show for 4-7 year olds comprising script and six songs, published by the BBC on c.d. and booklet. 'Santa ar Streic' was performed by Ysgol Treganna (Treganna Welsh medium Primary School) as their 2009 Christmas Show at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

A One-Woman Show about Edith Piaf                                                                      I wrote and successfully performed a one-woman show about French chanteuse Edith Piaf, entitled 'No Regrets' which was published in 'One Woman, One Voice'  (Parthian Press 2000) a series of monologues written by women for women. Such was it's success that it was republished in 2005.

As a result of my passion for Piaf I was invited to sing two Piaf numbers, 'Je ne Regrette Rien' and 'La vie en Rose' in a very special  ninetieth birthday party in Los Angeles for Welsh bard, Eluned Phillips, the only woman to have ever won two bardic crowns in the National Eisteddfod of Wales and a personal friend of Piaf's for many years. I was incredibly fortunate to have Eluned Phillips as a friend and writing mentor for well over twenty years and she was always extremely positive about my interpretations of the Piaf songs.

I also conducted an interview with Eluned on her ninetieth birthday, which culminated in a programme based on my idea which was televised twice on S4C in 2005.  Eluned died in January 2009 and the programme was televised twice at that time in her memory. 

A stage play about Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder (PTSD)                        I wrote a play about the effects of the Falklands war entitiled 'Paying the Full Whack', and it came second in the Main Drama Competition in the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, St. David's 2002. It was performed as a script in hand performance in Chapter Theatre Cardiff and the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea in February 2010 as part of the 'Deadlier than the Male' season.

A book about female stand-up comics                                                                    I have been working since 1996 on a book about the working lives of female stand-up comics. Joan Rivers, Jo Brand, Nina Wadia, Ronni Ancona, Jenny Eclair and June Whitfield are just some of the twenty two female comics I have interviewed. This idea is now in the hands of a London Literary Agent.

Slogans                                                                                                                      In 2010 I created the slogan 'Carfree and carefree in Cardiff' for Pedal Power, the Cardiff Cycling organisation.    

In 2007 I created a new slogan for the National Saint David's Day Parade, replacing  'If you're a Welsh man you should be there', with the more inclusive 'If you love Wales you should be there'.

In December 2003 I created a new name for a 21st Century feminist - a 'Womanist' that is, a WOMAN who Insists on Surviving and Triumphing over the odds. 

Song lyrics                                                                                                                  I have written song lyrics since 1975 and have an extensive catalogue of well over a hundred song lyrics in both Welsh and English.  In 2005, Tara Bethan, (Finalist in Lloyd Webber's 'I'll do anything' 2008) released her first c.d. with Sain (Wales's leading Welsh medium record company) I wrote eight song lyrics out of thirteen songs.

Working with Heather Jones                                                                                     I had the honour of working with Heather Jones, pioneering woman in Wales's Welsh medium folk scene, for the first time back in the eighties when we both did backing vocals for Meic Stevens and I have co-written many songs for her and with her over the last few years

In April 2009 Heather received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the BBC's Radio Cymru for her contribution to the Welsh medium music scene. One of our songs appears on her c.d.'Enaid' (Soul) and another song 'Tyfu lan yn Aberaeron'  (Growing up in Aberaeron) was performed by Heather in the two hundred year anniversary celebrations for Aberaeron town.

This song was also one of four songs we co-wrote on her 2009 c.d. 'Dim Difaru' - (No Regrets) and we are now working together on a regular basis on several song-writing projects.

Can i Gymru - Song for Wales Competition                                                            In the past my song lyrics have been successful in the S4C 'Can i Gymru' (Song for Wales) competition and in 2008 a song I co-wrote with Heather Jones, 'Hawdd cyne tan ar hen aelwyd' (Easy to re-kindle a fire on a warm grate! - sounds better in Welsh!)) was in the final.

Commissions and competitions                                                                               I have been commisioned to write song-lyrics for both television and radio. I wrote some lyrics for  a song which was a runner-up in the  S4C Christmas Carol Competion  2003 with  'Let's all light a candle'.

A song I co-wrote with Neil Thomas (The Sunsets - Shaking Stevens' original band) called 'Dance Diving with Dolphins' was a semi-finalist in the Folk/Country category in the UK Songwriting Contest 2007 and another song we co-wrote 'Arthur be our guide' was also a semi-finalist in the Adult Contemporary Section of the 2008 U.K. Songwriting competition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

I have been a member of PRS and MCPS since 1989. 

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Cyngor i ddarpar sgwenwyr - Dechreuwch yn ifanc                                     Cefais fy llwyddiant ysgrifennu cyntaf yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yr Urdd, Caerdydd, 1965, pan ennillais y gystadleuaeth ysgrifennu stori fer o dan wyth oed!!!!!

Theatr Mewn Addysg                                                                                              Fy ngwaith ysgrifennu proffesiynol cyntaf oedd mewn cynhyrchiadau Theatr Mewn Addysg (TMA) yng nghanol yr wythdegau pan ddefnyddiais y sgiliau oeddwn i wedi eu datblygu yn dysgu Saesneg fel ail iaith (TEFL) yng Ngwlad Belg a'r Iseldiroedd, i ddatblygu ac ysgrifennu cynhyrchiadau theatr arloesol i ddatblygu Cymraeg fel ail-iaith.

Fe fum hefyd yn cyfarwyddo ac yn perfformio mewn nifer helaeth o gynhyrchiadau ar gyfer plant yn ogystal ac ysgrifennu Datganiadau'r Wasg i Theatr Mewn Addysg i Theatr Cwrwgl (Sir Benfro - Tri tymor) Theatr Gwent (Y Cynllun Cymraeg cyntaf erioed - un tymor) a Theatr Iolo Morgannwg (Y Cynllun Cymraeg cyntaf erioed - un tymor).

Swyddog y Wasg ac Ymchwilydd yn y BBC                                                    Pryd bynnag on i ddim yn gweithio mewn Theatr Mewn Addysg r'oedd genai waith yn aml iawn yn gweithio yn y BBC fel Swyddog y Wasg neu ymchwilydd ar   amrywiaeth o raglenni radio i Radio Cymru. R'oeddwn yn ysgrifennu Datganiadau'r Wasg ac erthyglau yn rheoliadd iawn am raglenni y BBC oedd yn ymddangos yn y Radio Times a SBEC (wythnosolyn S4C)

Plant                                                                                                                                   Yn ystod Ebrill 2010 fe fum yn gweithio ar y cyd gyda Heather Jones ar gynllun ysgrifennu caneuon, gyda plant sipsiwn a theithwyr yn Aberteleri. Trwy drafod gyda'r plant, fe fuon ni'n creu caneuon oedd yn cysylltu gyda'u profiadau a'u bywydau.

Mae'r gyfres  'Llyfrau Lloerig' (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch) wedi cyhoeddi deuddeg darn o fy marddoniaeth, gan gynnwys un am yr arwres Gymreig, Jemima Niclas o Abergwaun. Caiff hon ei harddangos ochr yn ochr a thapestri enwog Abergwaun unwaith gai ddigon o amser i ysgrifennu cyfieithiad teidi!

Sioe Gerdd Nadoligaidd i blant ar BBC Radio Cymru                                           Fi yw awdur 'Santa ar Streic?', sioe gerddorol Nadoligaidd 2006 BBC Radio Cymru i blant 4-7 oed sy'n cynnwys script a chwe can, wedi ei gyhoeddi gan y BBC ar ffurf c.d a thaflen. Cafodd 'Santa ar Streic' ei pherfformio gan blant Ysgol Treganna, adeg Nadolig 2009 yn Theatr Chapter, Caerdydd. 

Sioe Un ddynes am Edith Piaf                                                                   Ysgrifenais a pherfformiais yn llwyddiannus iawn sawl gwaith, sioe am fywyd y gantores Ffrengig, Edith Piaf, o'r enw 'Llwyd Bach y Baw'. Cafodd y ddrama yma ei chyhoeddi yn ei fersiwn Saesneg fel 'No Regrets' yn 'One Woman, One Voice'  (Parthian Press 2000) R'oedd y gyfrol mor llwyddiannus penderfynnodd Parthian i ail-gyhoeddi'r llyfr (Haf 2005) 

Fel canlyniad i fy angerdd am Piaf, cefais fy ngwahodd i ganu dwy o ganeuon Piaf, 'Je ne Regrette Rien' a 'La vie en Rose' mewn parti penblwydd naw deg oed arbennig iawn yn Los Angeles, i'r bardd Eluned Phillips, yr unig ddynes erioed i ennill dwy goron Eisteddfodol a ffrind personol i Piaf am sawl blwyddyn. Bum yn hynod o ffodus i gael cyfeillgarwch agos gydag Eluned a bu'n mentor ysgrifennu cefnogol iawn i mi am dros ugain mlynedd. R'oedd hi wastad yn hynod o gefnogol pan oeddwn yn canu caneuon Piaf.

Rhoddais gyfweliad i Eluned ar ei phenblwydd yn nawdeg, a ffurfiodd hyn swmp a sylwedd y rhaglen 'Paned 'da Picasso' oedd wedi ei selio ar fy syniad, ac fe gafodd ei ddarlledu ddwy waith ar S4C yn 2005. Bu Eluned farw ym mis Ionawr 2009 ac fe gafodd y rhaglen ei hail-ddarlledu dwy waith fel teurnged iddi.

Drama Lwyfan am y cyflwr Post Traumatice Stress Dissorder (PTSD)R'wyf wedi ysgrifennu drama lwyfan am ryfel y Falklands o'r enw 'Talu'r Pris yn Llawn' . Daeth y ddrama yn ail ym mhrif gystadleuaeth Ddrama Yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yn Nhy Ddewi 2002. Cafodd ei pherfformio fel sgript mewn llaw yn Theatr Chapter, Caerdydd a Theatr Dylan Thomas Abertawe, ym mis Chwefror 2010 fel rhan o'r tymor 'Deadlier than the Male'.

Llyfr am ferched mewn comedi                                                                      R'wyf wedi bod yn gweithio ers 1996 ar lyfr ar ferched sy'n gweithio yn y byd comedi 'Dal-dy-dir' (stand-up comedy) Mae Joan Rivers, Jo Brand, Ronni Ancona, June Whitfield, Rhona Cameron, Jenny Eclair a Nina Wadia ymysg dwy ar hugain o ferched r'wyf wedi eu cyfweld ar gyfer y llyfr. Mae y llyfr bellach yn nwylo asiant llenyddol yn Llundain.

Slogannau                                                                                                                      Yn 2010 wnes i greu y slogan 'Carfree and carefree in Cardiff' i Pedal Power, y sefydliad seiclo yng Nghaerdydd.

Yn 2007 wnes i greu slogan newydd i Gorymdaith Genedlaethol Gwyl Dewi, oedd yn disodli eu slogan cynharach o 'Os y chi'n Gymru ddylech chi fod 'na' gyda'r slogan fwy cynhwysfawr  'Os y chi'n caru Cymru - ddylech chi fod yna'.

Ym mis Tachwedd 2003  mi wnes i greu slogan newydd ar gyfer ffeminisitiaid yr Unfed Ganrif ar Hugain sef 'Womanist' that is, a WOMAN who Insists on Surviving and Triumphing over the odds.              

Lyrics i ganeuon                                                                                                 R'wyf wedi bod yn ysgrifennu lyrics ar gyfer caneuon ers 1975 ac mae gennyf gatalog eang o bell dros 100 o lyrics caneuon yn Gymraeg a Saesneg. Yn 2005 rhyddhaodd Tara Bethan,(Rownd derfynol 'I'll Do Anything' Lloyd Webber) ei c.d. cyntaf gyda Sain ac fe ysgrifenais i geiriau wyth o'r tair can ar ddeg.

Gweithio gyda Heather Jones                                                                          Cefais y fraint o weithio ar y cyd gyda'r unigryw Heather Jones, arloeswraig canu gwerin Cymreig, am y tro cyntaf nol yn yr wythdegau, yn canu lleisiau cefndir i'r enwog Meic Stevens ac r'wyf wedi ysgrifennu geiriau i sawl can gyda, ac iddi hi dros y blynyddoedd olaf. 

Cafodd Heather 'Wobr Cyfraniad Arbennig' gan BBC Radio Cymru ym mis Ebrill 2009 am ei chyfraniad i'r sin gerddoriaeth Gymraeg. Mae un o'r caneuon wnaethom ni gyd-sgwennu yn ymddangos ar ei c.d.  'Enaid' (Sain) a cafodd can arall 'Tyfu lan yn Aberaeron' ei chanu ganddi yn nathliadau dau gan mlwyddiant tref Aberaeron.

R'oedd y gan yma yn un o bedair wnaethom ni gyd-sgwennu ar gyfer ei c.d. yn 2009, 'Dim Difaru' ac mae'r ddwy ohonom yn gweithio ar y cyd gyda sawl cynllun creadigol ar hyn o bryd.

Can i Gymru                                                                                                              Yn y gorffennol, mae'r geiriau dwi wedi ysgrifennu wedi bod yn llwyddiannus yng nghystadleuaeth 'Can i Gymru' ac yn 2008 r'oedd can sgwenais i ar y cyd gyda Heather Jones, 'Hawdd cynne tan ar hen alewyd' yn y rownd derfynol.

Cystadleuthau a Chomisiynnau                                                                        R'wyf wedi cael fy nghomisiynu i ysgrifennu geiriau caneuon i Radio Cymru ac i raglen deledu Hywel Gwynfryn i HTV. R'oedd fy ngeiriau ar gyfer y garol 'Gad i ni gyd Gynnau Cannwyll' yn llwyddiannus yn rownd derfynol cystadleuaeth 'Carol Nadolig S4C' yn 2003.

Daeth can ysgrifenais i gyda Neil Thomas (The Sunsets - grwp gwreiddiol Shaking Stephens) o'r enw 'Dance Diving with Dolphins' yn y rownd cyn-derfynol yn adran Gwerin/Gwlad yng Nghystadleuaeth Ysgrifennu Caneuon Prydeinig 2007(UK Songwriting Contest 2007) a daeth can arall wnaethon ni gyd-gyfansoddi, 'Arthur be our Guide' hefyd i'r rownd cyn-derfynol yn yr Adran Oedolion Cyfoes yng Nghystadleuaeth Ysgrifennu Caneuon Prydeinig 2008.

R'wyf yn aelod o PRS a MCPS ers 1989

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